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Screen printing
Because of it’s amazing durability and value for money, screen printing remains the most popular choice for garment printing.

After receiving your logo or design it gets redesigned by our designers to the correct format and showing the amount of colours your logo consist and produce the colour seperations. After designing it would then be print printed on transparent positives ready to be exposed in the light room onto the mesh screens.

When Setting up artwork, each solid colour in the print it isolated and then blocked out onto individual mesh screens ( one per colour). The screens act as a stencil to push the ink through.

After required screens have been made, they are then locked onto the arms of the printing carousel and aligned to one another to make sure that every layer of colour is applied in the correct position, as required by your design. The appropriate colour is then applied to each screen, with the colours applied one by one to the garment to create your design.

After printing your t-shirt goes through the drying tunnel or ‘curing’ process to dry and permanently affix the printed ink to the garment. This ensures that the print won’t wash out or fades over time.






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